About Us

About Us

About Us

WKG Inc. Kragujevac is a Serbian company founded at the end of 2015 as a company that provides services in the field of metal processing industry. The basic idea upon starting the production facility in Kragujevac was to use our experts’ knowledge and experience gained from many years of working in Italy in the field of semi-finished and finished goods production through welding services.

The primary goal was to train young professionals with the job profiles of pressers, locksmiths, welders and operators on modern CNC and robotic machines, in order for them to successfully perform work tasks. In just a few months from the start of production, WKG has become a company ready to respond to various client requests. The company directs its products mostly to the Italian market. By constantly investing in the acquisition of equipment and training of personnel, the company has positioned itself highly at the local level in the field of sheet metal processing by cutting and bending, especially in the area of welding services at robotic stations. Respecting the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the business partners, was the principle by which WKG wanted to develop from the very beginning. Such an attitude, as the only appropriate one, proved to be very successful, so in a very short period of time, our company became a desirable client for large producers and traders of raw materials, and the source to the leaders in their business in Europe. In its beginning, WKG tied its business to the cooperation with the parent company from Italy and by means of directly establishing contacts, it started offering its services to renowned companies from Italy from the middle of 2017. The quality of production and the ability to produce in large series quickly established our company as a reliable partner for manufacturers of solid and combined fuel heaters, construction and work machinery, process equipment and similar products. The ability of the workforce to respond to the most diverse client requests in the shortest time possible, and the openness of the market towards the EU countries, have made WKG an extremely competitive producer on the Italian market, but it was affected by the lack of professional staff. Almost the entire production is based on the products made according to the clients’ submitted technical documentation, by strictly following the required standards. We organize our production in production halls at the location Kormanski put 3, in Kragujevac. WKG currently employs over 100 workers - mostly young people. The company's short-term goals are to unify the production process in one location as well as the construction of an automatic line for industrial painting, while the long-term goal is building its own production capacities and expanding the production by conquering new technologies. Modernization of equipment and facilities as a prerequisite for the company’s development and progress, is a process in which constant investment is made. The goals for the future are to expand the spectrum of business to complete services from its domain, by the creation of a finished product ready for distribution on the European Union market.


Our IMS quality policy is an integral and indivisible part of the WKG Inc. business organization. The policy of IMS is based on the implementation and maintenance of a market-oriented business system, the basic element of which is the continuous improvement of its services, with the aim of meeting the demands, needs and expectations of our customers. The policy of IMS is in accordance with the development plans of WKG Inc., requirements and expectations of current and new customers and other interested parties, as well as with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The goals for the implementation of this IMS policy are:

  • Establishing and improving the Integrated Management System - IMS (ISO 9001 - QMS) based on customer requirements and the responsibilities of employees in WKG Inc.,
  • Improving customer/client and interested parties satisfaction,
  • Achieving the set quality levels in all stages of processing as well as in metal processing through competitiveness and fulfillment of customer requirements,
  • Establishing and maintaining good business relations with all cooperators of WKG Inc,
  • Protection of work and natural environments. The implementation of legal and other regulations related to the company's business operations is a permanent task for us and our employees,
  • High level of service quality, meeting deadlines and competitive price-quality ratio,
  • Constant implementation of preventive measures and improvement, with the application of safety measures at work in all phases of the realization of services,
  • Increasing the company's profit and reputation,
  • Professional and team work, which strives to preserve the clients’ trust and the feeling of partnership with the supplier,
  • The professional development of employees and increasing awareness of the importance of household relations towards resources, confidential information, business risks, the environment and health and safety at work is always in accordance with the established goals and is achieved through intensive communication between the management and the employees and through constant training and improvement processes,
  • Constant activities to prevent possible negative impacts on the environment and safety and health at work, as well as their permanent reduction.

WKG management has set measurable IMS goals, including the ones needed to meet service requirements. The achievement in implementing this IMS Policy is monitored by constant supervision, as well as by reviewing of the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system, monitoring of user and other interested parties satisfaction, evaluations by supervisory bodies and regular internal checks.